The Scoop on Tarts



In short, we don’t get along.

Tarts like trickery.


– Keeping the crust thin, especially for recipes that call for an egg (many do). Next time I’ll be opting for a more graham-cracker like crust (egg-less).
– Keeping the filling sweet, tart, and full. This tart has a bit of gelatin to help, it however only increased the “tartness” of the lemon juice added. Next tart, less lemon, more creme.
– Keeping the fruit…the same. Can’t do much there! (In fact, even second-picked fruits do fine, i.e. the bitter, the beat-up).

The bottom-line: tarts are not to be trifled with. Keep them simple: thin, sweeter than tart (personal preference), and fresh (no frozen berries).


One thought on “The Scoop on Tarts

  1. My mom uses something called Deserta when she makes a strawberry pie. It’s like gelatin just for fruit pies and it works great. Can’t help with the tart crust…but if you want to learn to make amazing pie crust, ask Graham where to visit.

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